Here Is My Story About My Last Postal Address Change

When I moved here to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the strangest thing happened when it came to dealing with the post office. You see, I had purchased a condo, and it was part of a vacation resort. Allowed to use my condo as my primary residence, I set up shop. However, the resort has over 20 buildings on 19 acres, and the mail was going to require a workaround.

Got Mail at Office Initially

Initially, I had been told I could get mail at the office. But renters started doing it more often, too, and so the office said they were no longer equipped to handle such a process. Now I had changed my address when I moved to the new location with my moving service provider, but the change of address was of course to a commercial property resort with my unit number attached. No biggie, right? Just put in another change of address and get a post office box.

Got Post Office Box

Well, that’s what I did. Getting the post office box was the easy part. The next part will likely never be sorted out, all because of the odd postal service address change I was forced to make. You see, right when I went to put in a change of address form, they told me that I couldn’t change my address from a commercial property to a residential one, even though I had done the exact opposite already.

Mind you, I took care of the original change of address on the fly and by dropping a card in the mailbox while I was out of state. Still, they literally told me that I wasn’t allowed to change it back. So the resort still gets mail for me, and the people that know me give it to me from time to time. Obviously, I was able to find a workaround and do get most of my mail, all of the important stuff, at my PO Box. But still, what a story, don’t you think?