USPS Online Services

What are some of the advantages of using an online United States Postal Service change of address or phone number form? Some of the advantages include exclusive mover savings, speed and convenience, safe and secure, an email confirmation, and other offers and tools. All of these advantages plus additional information can be obtained by going to the online website for USPS.

United States Postal Service

Get Access to Valuable Coupons

For example, and exclusive mover savings will provide you with instant access to more than $750 in valuable coupons. The process is safe and secure and you can safeguard your ID verification and information by providing a small $1.00 charge to your debit or credit card. This process will save you a trip to your local post office and thereby provide you with speed and convenience. After you have completed the easy to fill change of address form you will receive an immediate email confirmation of your address or phone number change.

Provide Accurate Information

The person who completes the online form will need to state that she or he is the actual person, guardian, executor, authorized officer, or agent of the individual who wants to have their mail forwarded to a different address or to have a different contact phone number. There is a warning for anyone who submits inaccurate or false information on this government form that they will be punished by imprisonment or fine under various United States codes.

Type of Move

You will need to determine whether your move is temporary or permanent and there are two different boxes to select from for each type of move. A permanent move is when you have no future plans to return to your old address. A temporary move is if you are planning to go back to your old address within 12 months. You will also need to determine when the process of forwarding your mail should begin. These are just a few the considerations that you will need to confront when doing an online USPS Change Of Address or phone number.