Received My USPS Change Of Address Confirmation Letter Shortly After Submitting My Change

I was changing my address after moving to a different town. I had stopped at the post office to check my mail and I asked the mail clerk how I would go about changing my address. She told me that I would need to fill out some of my information and she told me that she could submit it for me right there. She also told me that I had the option to do it online if I wanted to but there was an extra fee. Since I was right there, I decided to go ahead and fill out the information to get my address changed.

usps change of address

Confirmed with Clerk

After filling everything out the mail clerk took my information and told me that she would enter it in the computer and submit the change. She told me that I could expect a usps change of address confirmation letter in my mail in just a few days. She also handed me an envelope that was filled with some really great coupons. I was pretty happy with all the coupons I got and I couldn’t wait to use them. They were for places that I buy stuff from anyways like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Got Confirmation Letter A Few Days Later

A few days after submitting my change of address, I got the confirmation letter in the mail that noted the change. It was so easy to get my address changed and I’m glad everything was correct and the address didn’t need to be corrected. I love the new place I am living and I am glad I moved from the old address I was at. I am now in a better part of town that is much safer than the place I lived before I moved to the new house.