It Was Easy To Do A Change Of Address Through USPS

I was getting ready to move because my boyfriend and I bought a home. We had packed up our things and started getting ready for the move. I knew that it was going to be a fairly easy move because we had lots of help from people that we knew. We also only had to make a few trips because we had some big trucks that we rented for the move.

Change of Address

Online Process Of Address Change

While we were packing our things up, my boyfriend told me that I needed to do a change of address with the usps. I wasn’t sure how that worked because I had never done one of those before. He said I could go USPS online services and do it there. I went to the USPS website and looked for the place to change your address. I was able to find the link from the drop down menu and get the information filled out for the change of address I needed to do. I had to pay a small amount, but it was so easy to fill it out right there and get it done rather than going to the post office to do it. After that I let him know how easy it was so he could do it too. I told him I had to pay a few dollars to have it done, but it was easy. He went and got his changed too.

Change of Address

Ease Of Changing The Address

We finished packing and got everything ready for our big move the next day. The move went just as smooth as I thought it would go and I am thankful we had really great friends that helped us out. It was a great time and we were able to get unpacked quickly with their help too.