How To Perform A USPS ZIP Code Lookup

Anytime you mail a package within the United States, you need to include the ZIP code of the address where the package is being sent. The ZIP code is a special code that the post office uses to make the process of sorting mail easier. It is usually a five-digit number followed by a dash and four additional numbers.

It would be impossible to memorize all of the ZIP codes for every location in the United States. Because of that, the post office provides a convenient form that you can use to look up the ZIP code for USPS any location.

Here Is A Quick How-To Guide On Performing A USPS Zip Code Lookup:

1. Navigate to the page on the USPS website that allows you to do change of address and look up ZIP codes. You can find this page under the Mail & Ship option on the main menu.

2. Once you arrive at the page, you should begin filling out the change of address form. The first field allows you to input a company name if you are going to be shipping the package to a specific company. If you are shipping the package to an individual, you can leave this field blank.

Next, if you know the street address where the package is going, you can fill that in. Again, however, this information is not required for a ZIP code lookup. If you leave this line blank, the post office will return a list of all of the ZIP codes for a particular city.

The final two fields, which are the city and state, are required. Finally, if you already know the five-digit ZIP code, you can include it in your search to get the ZIP+4 code.

3. After the form is filled out, you can click on the Find button. If you entered a specific address, this website will return the ZIP code for that address. If you just entered the city and state, you will get back a list of ZIP codes for the city. It will then be up to you to determine which of those ZIP codes you need to use to get your package to the correct address.

Performing a USPS ZIP code lookup is a relatively simple process. Just make sure to gather as much information about the address of the destination as possible. The more information you can enter into the form, the more likely you are to get accurate results.