Fees Associated With Changing Your Address

One of the most important things to do when you move is put in a request for a change of address with your local post office. This ensures that anything that comes in the mail is forwarded to your new home so that you do not risk not receiving something important. It is nearly impossible to change your address with every company and person that you correspond with via the mail system.

Change Of Address At Local Post Office

If you do your change of address in person at your local post office there should not be any fee incurred. You simply fill out a form and submit it to someone working at the desk. At most they might ask you for proof of your new change of address form and some other forms of government issued identification.

Having Online Change Of Address

If you can not go down to your local post office or simply do not wish to, you do have the option to do the change of address online. You simply go to the United States Postal Service website and click on the link to change your address. In this case there is not exactly a fee, but they will ask you to provide a credit card that has your new address on the billing account so that they can verify your identity. To do this they will charge your account one dollar, but that is just to ensure that someone is not trying to steal your mail or possibly your identity. Most people find this to be the easiest way to change their address and that the one dollar charge is worth not having to stand in line at the post office.

If you look for an address change service and find that someone claims that they can change your address for you for a fee they likely are attempting to commit a scam. The process should be free and should only be done directly through the USPS.