How To Obtain The United States Postal Service Change Of Address Form?

Are you moving to a new location? Whether your move is temporary or permanent, you can ask the USPS to forward your mail to your new address. All you have to do is fill out a simple form to tell the United States postal service what your new address is and when they should start forwarding your mail.

How Can I Obtain A Movers’ Guide?

Visit your local post office and ask for a movers’ guide. This guide is full of useful information and also includes a form you can fill out and submit at your local post office to change your address. Don’t forget to bring an ID since the customer service representative will need to verify your identity before confirming the Change of Address.

Post Office Address

Can I Change My Address Online?

You can change your address online. This is a quick process that should only take a few minutes and will save you a trip to the post office. Visit the official USPS website and look for the change of address page. You will have to fill out an online form and a $1 fee will be charged to your credit card to verify your identity.

What Are The Other Services Offered By USPS?

You can use this service if you need your mail to temporarily forwarded to a different address. You should also consider using the Premium forwarding services if you USPS to hold your mail and to send it via Priority mail to a different address once a week. You will have to pay an enrollment fee as well as a weekly fee for this service.

Changing your address with USPS is very easy. Using the online form is the quickest way to do it but you can also visit your local post office to ask for a form.

Here Is My Story About My Last Postal Address Change

When I moved here to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the strangest thing happened when it came to dealing with the post office. You see, I had purchased a condo, and it was part of a vacation resort. Allowed to use my condo as my primary residence, I set up shop. However, the resort has over 20 buildings on 19 acres, and the mail was going to require a workaround.

Got Mail at Office Initially

Initially, I had been told I could get mail at the office. But renters started doing it more often, too, and so the office said they were no longer equipped to handle such a process. Now I had changed my address when I moved to the new location with my moving service provider, but the change of address was of course to a commercial property resort with my unit number attached. No biggie, right? Just put in another change of address and get a post office box.

Got Post Office Box

Well, that’s what I did. Getting the post office box was the easy part. The next part will likely never be sorted out, all because of the odd postal service address change I was forced to make. You see, right when I went to put in a change of address form, they told me that I couldn’t change my address from a commercial property to a residential one, even though I had done the exact opposite already.

Mind you, I took care of the original change of address on the fly and by dropping a card in the mailbox while I was out of state. Still, they literally told me that I wasn’t allowed to change it back. So the resort still gets mail for me, and the people that know me give it to me from time to time. Obviously, I was able to find a workaround and do get most of my mail, all of the important stuff, at my PO Box. But still, what a story, don’t you think?